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Elprime Clock  v.1.1

Elprime Clock is a nice and useful analog clock for your desktop. It offers all of the most important features a system clock may have:- Reminders with custom messages, pc-speaker and wav sounds;- Transparent clockface both in Windows 98/Me and

ClockRes  v.2.0

View the resolution of the system clock, which is also the maximum timer resolution

Atomic Time Synchronization  v.1.1

Atomic Time Synchronization allows you to synchronize Local System Clock with Atomic Clocks around the USA. You choose your server, select your regional GMT decal and then you can easily do

Joke411  v.1.0

Joke411 is a \joke of the day\ kind of application. It loads during the system startup and displays a daily joke in a balloon message near the system clock. Joke411 is fully customizable: you may add your own set of daily jokes by editing a text fi

CrystalCPUID  v.

Key Features * Support AMD64/EM64T * Intel SpeedStep Control * AMD K6/K7/K8/GeodeLX Multiplier/Voltage Control * VIA CyrixIII/C3 Multiplier Control * Multiplier Management * MSR Editor/MSR Walker * Clock, Cache, System Clock, Multiplier * Feature

Steroid  v.1.0

Steroid 1.0 is designed to increase the performance speed of your PalmPilot, which is accomplished by increasing the system clock frequency, hence the speed at which the processor

Time Traveler  v.1.00

Use Time Traveler to get back at a friend you pulled a prank on you last April Fools day. Time Traveler is a devious little prank that changes the Windows system clock to a random time. To make matters worse, Time Traveler runs invisible in the

Tray Helper  v.5.2

Its SMALL Windows application that takes only ONE place next to your tray system clock, "eats" a little of memory and CPU power but can: * track if / when and how many times your e-mails are read. * remind YOU about all YOUR meetings, important

PEI Real Estate Messenger  v.1.0.1

PEI Real Estate Messenger is positioned above your system clock on the lower right side of your screen and will open "a la messenger" to show the latest PEI real estate listings. There are links to email the realtor regarding the property as well as

Clean Startup  v.1.00

Every time you log on to Windows it launches some programs for you. Some appears in the tray area near system clock, some shows desktop alerts, some are invisible. But they all wasting system resources and sometimes are just a garbage programs. With

FuzzyClock  v.1.4

FuzzyClock is a simple and nice alternative to the default clock from the Windows system tray and it is based on the "fuzzy time" option from KDE. The text of the clock is more human-readable than the standard numeric time, "12:14 PM" becomes

Time Cruncher  v.1.1.0

Time Cruncher is a time synchronizer

Fool Date  v.1.0

Let's suppose there is a program you want to run

CoolAp  v.1.0

Enter text using shortcuts, set multiple alarms and attach shortcuts to files or programs. Tools and features include a Memo pad, a Stopwatch, a Countdown timer, a clock-setter, a Caps Lock alarm and an hourly chime.

Dfg ShutDown XP  v.3.7.2

PC shut down,time sync.,disk cleaning,PC protection and automation utility. It will time control and automatically shutdown, restart or log off your system with power off/shutdown forcing option. Many other built in functions. 12/24 hour time format.

CrystalMark 2004R3

CrystalMark allows you to test your CPU, memory, HDD and video (GDI, Direct Draw, OpenGL) and subsystems. It also displays useful information about your system which can be saved in a text or HTML file. CrystalMark allows you to test separate

NanoTools  v.1.9.1

NanoTools software suite which consists in little system programs for making your everyday work with the PC easier. They consist of the following tools: PowerCode is an encryption program that encrypts text based on a password with different

USB Flash Drives Control  v.2.3

What's new in version 2.3 a?s Updated the setup program. a?s Improved interface with easily understandable icons in the system tray. a?s Show detailed informations for the connected USB flash drives, like the drive letter, drive name, volume name,

Achtbit  v.1.8

Ever had the experience of a 8 bit system, having max. 64k memory, using assembler to write effective small programs? This system is an experimental 8 bit, 16 color computer, with a processer similar to Z80, that (on my laptop using linux with NO ...

Access Forbidden!  v.1.0

Access Forbidden provides a quick, easy and effective way to lock the access to your computer and protect the screen from prying eyes while you are away.

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